A small collection of online appearances and other experiments.
film-related appearances

Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film

I was very lucky to be chosen by Director Grant Hamilton to appear in this lovely and loving documentary about the end of the original Polaroid film company. This is the trailer, and the full film is often found on streaming platforms.

The Impossible Project

Director Jens Meurer shot this documentary on 35mm film over several years, speculating along the way that it could be the last documentary ever committed to film. Regardless, I was more than thrilled to be shot with a classic Arriflex against my adopted hometown skyline during magic hour.

Levi's Photo Workshop profile

In 2012, we worked with Levi's on a spectacular photography workshop they opened in Soho, just a few blocks from the Impossible office. It was completely free and open to the public. There were fabric printers, a professional grade studio setup, speakers, mini-events, and an amazing closing dinner for all involved prepared by celebrity chef, April Bloomfield.

Fast Company profiles The Impossible Project

We did a number of bits like this while I was with Impossible, and for whatever reason, I was usually the one sitting in front of the camera.

PBS Off-Book

PBS was our fourth channel as a kid, so I was honored when this PBS side-channel asked for some words. I found the whole "retro" skin more than a little cringey, but when PBS calls, Dave Bias answers.

American Dreaming profile

Producers love a good "resurrection of a throwback" story, and when it comes to anything related to film, I'm game.

That one time I made an actual music video

All my life, I've quietly aspired to Direct. I guess it's pretty common - but I actually got a real chance to make a proper music video with my friends. We roped in a few other friends, including the legendary photographer Ricky Powell to walk past our protagonists while they sang. The shoot didn't work out as planned, but Rachel and I made it work.

Mclusky Does Sinbad

For music video two, I had access to thousands of feet of scrap cinema film from the 1960s and 1970s that was discovered at the Ferrania Factory in Italy. We scanned it and hosted an online contest for people to make their own videos using the scraps. Here's the one I did, just for kicks, featuring one of my all-time favorite punk rock songs.