dave bias

My life has been one long creative experiment.

Instead of following a traditional career path, I have put my creativity and intellect to work supporting and promoting the things I love in order to facilitate connections between people.

In the late 1980's, I started making flyers, booking bands and DJing at my favorite local bar. That led to me buying into my town's oldest record store; which led to me designing and writing for a music magazine; which led me to being the creative director for a legendary New York City music venue; which led to designing, illustrating and photographing for the music business from my own studio; which led to me falling in love with photography; which led to me helping to start up the company who would eventually save Polaroid film from extinction; which led to me building a brand and a community (from scratch) for an almost-dead Italian film manufacturer; which led to...

Dunno yet, but I've got some ideas.