New Year, New Site

After years and years of leasing two different leased web servers (Media Temple and Rackspace Cloud), I've fallen for the charms of Squarespace and I'm beginning the process of transplanting all of my former clients so I can shut down my servers.

For someone like me who never really became a proper web developer, leasing server space was just crazy. The fact that I've already shoveled thousands of dollars into these two black holes is something I'm still trying to swallow.

I did it all to ease the "getting on the web" process for my clients who often didn't even own a URL when they called me... I designed their site, set up their email, built some of them a simple backend in Textpattern - and generally created a turnkey, hands-off way to get a website.

Despite the monthly hosting bills, It made sense for a while. It certainly made my life easier because I could control everything with little input.

Most of my clients were musicians, photographers or other artists who just needed a simple site, so this personal, hand-coded approach was warranted. They could store big MP3 or video files. They could have their own FTP for transferring files. They could ditch their old email address and have a "real" one. They could email me for basic updates - or learn Textpattern and do it all themselves.

It all seems very quaint now.

So the task begins to relocate all of my clients elsewhere so I am no longer a web hosting business - the least profitable "business" I've ever started.

This version of is officially the first time since I first launched my own site in 1996 or so, that I'm not hosting my own site myself - and the first time I didn't build it by hand. Which feels sort of weird.

But it was a whole lot easier than ever before.

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