I have extensive experience as both a creative and an entrepreneur with top-tier problem solving, adaptive learning and procedural optimization skills, a collaborative and motivational management style, and well-honed conceptual and creative thinking abilities. I have specific experience with startup situations, leadership/mentoring, branding, marketing, community building, product ideation and development, sales (B2B and B2C), copy writing/editing, art direction, web production and a good bit of event organization and hospitality, strangely enough...

With that said, I am a relatively unique character and typically hard to pigeonhole into a specific role. My skills are wide-ranging. My career choices have been varied and most often, have required me to think on my feet, learn by doing, and always keep long-term goals ahead of short-term gains. I learn very quickly. I adapt like a chameleon. But if there is a consistent thread in my life, it has been that I have gravitated to jobs at the ground-level of new companies that are selling some type of product that adds happiness and fulfillment to people’s lives.


I have yet to truly meet a software package that I cannot master. I have owned a computer since I was 12 years old and software is, for most intents and purposes, software.

  • Expert/Educator Level: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Squarespace

  • Advanced Level: Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Apple iWork Suite, Social Media apps for business, HTML5, CSS3, and a LOT of other things.


JUN 2014 - Present
President, FILM Ferrania Inc.
New York, NY

  • Overseeing pre-revenue startup phase for global film manufacturer FILM Ferrania, based in Italy. Duties include creation and execution of all pre-launch design, communications, customer service, marketing, and English-language media relations.

  • Heavily involved in creation of business plan currently seeking €500,000 investment, including 5-year P&L forecast for sales and logistics operations, translation and copy-editing of the plan document, as well as presentation materials.

  • Created and executed highly successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $320,000 from 5500+ backers in October 2014.

  • Designed, photo edited, created infographics for, and wrote all copy seen currently at and

JAN 2000 - Present
Art Director/Designer/Producer/Photographer, thisdesignstudio
New York, NY

  • One-man shop in continuous operation since 2000 providing creative direction, design and consulting services to clients primarily in the entertainment industry.

  • Services include: branding, packaging design and production, web design and production, photography, point-of-purchase and promotional items and merchandise (posters, tee-shirts, etc), copy writing and editing, and consultations concerning marketing, branding, social media management and process optimization.

  • Clients include Blue Note Records, Beggars Banquet Records, City Winery, CMJ, The Village Voice, Michael Dorf Presents, Shout Factory Records, Artemis Records, as well as many unsigned musicians, several photographers and independent filmmakers, music venues, a small Hebrew School, a high-end photo retailer, and many many more.

OCT 2013 - JUN 2014
Studio Director, Sub Rosa
New York, NY

  • Job description was unique and involved creating business plans for, then launching and overseeing two auxiliary businesses - an event space and a retail store - for the founder of the award-winning experiential marketing studio.

  • Prior to the launch of these businesses, I was also asked to oversee and provide recommendations on optimizing traffic through the design department.

  • Additionally served as producer and editor for two issues of the studio's in-house art and commentary magazine La Petite Mort.

  • Position was eliminated when major delays were discovered in the permitting process for the event and retail spaces.

NOV 2008 - SEPT 2013
Vice President, Impossible America Corp
New York, NY

  • Founding team member for these makers of new film for vintage Polaroid cameras.

  • Started US operations and flagship retail store. Oversaw total US growth from $0 to $10M gross revenue in 2013.

  • Primary Focus: Creation, growth and management of North American wholesale channel. Clients included Urban Outfitters, Ace Hotel, Amazon, B&H and Polaroid.

  • Major role at all levels of US marketing, promotion, community building and social media outreach.

  • Created in-house camera reclamation program to purchase, refurbish and repackage tens of thousands of vintage Polaroid cameras for global resale.

  • Extensive experience in logistics, import/export shipping, warehousing and fulfillment

  • As a non-owner founder, I tackled any need that wasn’t directly covered by someone else, including: sales and budget forecasting, public product demonstration, media relations, vendor staff training, product ideation and development, sourcing and procurement, personnel management, customer service, and serving as the US division’s art director and designer.

OCT 1997 - DEC 1999
Creative Director, Knitmedia (The Knitting Factory)
New York, NY

  • Proper art department for the company was conceived and built from scratch - including sourcing, training, mentoring and managing a creative staff that grew from one to five in just 18 months.

  • Output included: weekly advertising in four regional and national publications, bi-monthly magazine, over 100 CD package designs, all manner of corporate materials, trade show booths, outdoor advertising, and much more.

JUN 1996 - NOV 1998
Creative Director, Writer and Assistant Editor, Juice Magazine
Wilmington, NC

  • Duties included interviewing and writing stories about national recording artists, reviewing music releases, and designing and producing each bi-monthly issue.

  • Additional duties included copy writing and editing, database design and management as well as marketing for two nationally-sponsored 4-day festivals with 100+ bands, a music business trade show and skateboarding and surfing demos featuring none other than skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk.

Freelance Promoter/Producer, Gumby’s
Huntington, WV

Produced over 200 events (1 per week on average), including many artists that went on to great acclaim (or, in some cases, infamy), including Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Afghan Whigs, G.G. Allin, The Jesus Lizard, Poster Children, and others. Job included all necessary event marketing, agent negotiations, contract fulfillment and revenue reporting.

1990 - 1995
Co-owner, Davidson’s Records
Huntington, WV

Saved a locally well-known record store with a 25 year history from closing its doors with an innovative buy-out program and management takeover along with a partner. Over 5 years, a second satellite location was opened, sales were quadrupled, and the product line expanded beyond music and into lifestyle products like clothing, underground comics, body jewelry and footwear.  Being one of two proprietors in a small business required hands-on involvement in all levels of the business from actual retail sales to merchandising, marketing, planning, purchasing, etc.


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