Hello. I'm Dave Bias.


Being me is a job, let me tell you...

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actor, but I quickly realized that there are already too many me's floating around my brain to really "be" someone else in any kind of believable way.

At the time, I also wanted to be an architect, a writer, a picker, a house flipper, a director (after being a cinematographer and of course with my own script), an inventor (which I am, though my creations are largely unrealized), a designer (which I will always be), a trend-spotter, a restauranteur, a photographer (full-time, not the "enthusiast" I am today), a coder (which I am, to a degree), and owner of a retail store that sells only the things I like the most.

Now that I'm in my 40's, I've realized that I never stopped wanting to be all of these things and that actually, I am all of these things - and a bit more.

Someone asked me to condense it down a bit, and here's what I came up with:

I am creative.

Some like to call me, "a creative." That's fine, but the indefinite article kicks it just the other side of precious for my taste. The creative process is embedded in everything I do. It's the back of my hand that I refer to when I say I know something like the back of my hand. It's an instrument I can play without looking.

I am a communicator.

Because I tend to say a lot, it's really important to me that people understand what I'm saying. I say things in many different ways, some of which don't necessarily involve words. In order to say these things, in these different ways, and be understood, I listen. Talk, listen, act.

I am an entrepreneur.

To use communication and creativity to create a business is always my goal. I have made a few businesses, each bigger than the last and each uniquely in tune with my passions. A record store, a magazine, a graphic design studio, a company making new film for Polaroid cameras... I am seeking the next thing.


The Works

A smattering of things I've done so far.